Know first

MarAlert™ monitors your boat 24/7.

No contracts or monitoring fees.

Receive alerts by email or SMS.

2 Minute D.I.Y. installation.


MarAlert™ Benefits:

  • Reliable Internet of Things (IoT) communications technology.
  • Scalable system.  Install only the monitoring you require.
  • Share alerts to your own designated notification list.
  • You may be eligible for reduced insurance rates.

MarAlert™ IoT advantages over cellular monitoring systems:

  • No SIM Cards. No Data Fees. No Cellular Contracts.
  • No Cellular Charges or Roaming Hassles.
  • No drain on your boat’s batteries.
  • No Monitoring Contract.
  • No Monitoring Fees!

MarAlert™ IoT advantages over WiFi monitoring systems:

  • No WiFi passwords or requirement for marina WiFi.
  • Vastly greater range and coverage than WiFi.
  • No drain on your boat’s batteries.
  • No Monitoring Contract.
  • No Monitoring Fees!

MarAlert™ Modules:

  • Wall mounting clip enables easy exchange with replacement modules.
  • Hardware upgrade and battery exchange program available.
  • Internal Battery and Antenna
  • Compact size: 3″ x 2.1″ x 1.2″
  • Wall Mount Bracket

MarAlert™ Water Leak Module

  • Bilge / High Water / Leak Alerting

MarAlert™ Flame Module

  • Onboard Flame Detection and Alerting

MarAlert™ CO Module

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection and Alerting

MarAlert™  Propane and Fuel Vapour Module

  • Fuel Vapour and Propane Leak Alerting

MarAlert™ Battery Voltage Module

  • High / Low Voltage Monitoring and Alerting

MarAlert™ Shore Power Module

  • Shore Power Interruption Monitoring and Alerting

MarAlert™ Temperature & Humidity Module

  • High / Low Temp and High Humidity Alerting

MarAlert™ Cabin Motion Module

  • Passive Infra Red Motion Detection and Alerting

MarAlert™ Impact Module

  • Vessel Impact Detection and Alerting


MarAlert™ Dock Module

  • Vessel Proximity / Absence Alerting and Recording
  • Internal Battery and Antenna
  • Compact size: 3.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.7″
  • Flange Mount IP 7 Case







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