IoT onboard

IoT Water Leak Detector with 3m sensor cable.

Compact. Easy to install. One year battery life.


Water Leak  | Freezing Conditions Sensor

Leak detection & freezing temperature alerting

  • Bilge level alerting | High water detection
  • Plumbing, tank and thru-hull leaks
  • Low Temp (5C) on-board temperature alerting

Cabin Air Sensor

Temperature & humidity alerting

  • Low / High temperature alerting
  • Detect heater malfunctions & loss of shore power.
  • High humidity (mould conditions) alerting

Battery Voltage Sensor

Boat battery condition alerting

  • High / Low battery voltage alerts
  • Detect battery charger malfunctions & loss of shore power
  • High amperage alerts

Intrusion Sensor

PIR motion detection and alerting

  • Cabin security
  • Lockers
  • Cockpit

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